Fee to pay for a mortgage of 100,000 euros

How much will I pay by letter every month if I ask for a mortgage of 100,000 euros? This and other similar questions such as what fee would I pay for a loan of 6000 euros, interest to be paid for a loan of 12000 euros, will the bank give me money if I earn 1,200 euros a month?

On the internet there are multiple loan and mortgage loan calculators. Clicking here you can find one of them and easy to use where you only have to insert the amount you want to request, the years you plan to return the money and the interest rate that if you carry decmillary you have to put it with a point, instead of a coma. That is 7.5% interest must insert 7.5

For example, if you are thinking of buying a home and need to ask the bank for 100,000 euros to pay in 30 years and the bank charges us an interest of 3.5%, the fee or letter to pay each month would be 449.04 euros and in the web indicated above shows you a detail of capital and interest to be paid in each installment.

Calculate mortgage bill of 100,000 euros

Calculate mortgage bill of 100,000 euros

If what you want is to calculate how much you would pay monthly for a fast loan of 6000 euros, in this case being a personal loan the reasonable interest rate would be 8.5% and then the fee to be paid of 123.09 euros if we pay back 5-year money, 60 installments.

If you have planned to buy an apartment or have a specific offer for the purchase of a home, you should keep in mind that in addition to the price you are asked for the apartment, you must add other expenses and taxes of the purchase and the formalization of the mortgage.

In general, it is considered necessary 10% more than what they ask for housing for the payment of vat or property transfers as purchased from a company or a private individual and the expenses of mortgage, notary, registration, insurance, etc.

How much would you pay for a home loan

How much would you pay for a home loan

Mortgage loans are cheaper at the interest rate than personal loans or consumer loans, because the bank or financial institution has a real guarantee that is the value of the home unlike the personal loans that, as the name implies, You only have the personal endorsement of the applicant.

For this reason, mortgages having a real guarantee and being very long term, are usually made at variable interest by setting a differential on the Euribor that currently after the crisis, banks charge a fork between 1 and 2% on the euribor that is now in the lowest figures. In other words, a mortgage loan can be at an interest rate of 1.50%.
Using the calculator that we offer in the link above, you can make your own calculations of how much you would pay for your mortgage by entering the amount, the repayment term and the interest rate that as we say now can be 1.50% although you We recommend making the calculations at the best interest in case the euribor rises.

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